Fibercoll-Flex Bioink

Fibercoll-FlexA is made of acidic collagen type I fibers from the bovine dermis that can be neutralized after printing. Ideal for the fabrication of robust scaffolds through 3D printing, its stiffness can be regulated by adjusting Fibercoll-FlexA working concentration. Cells can be seeded onto the scaffolds after their neutralization with NaOH. No crosslinking steps are required.

Fibercoll-FlexN is ideal for many applications, including the generation of complex tissue and tumor models through 3D bioprinting. Depending on the intended purpose, the stiffness of the printed product can be regulated by adjusting Fibercoll FlexN working concentration. The bio-ink is printable at physiological conditions of pH and temperature, thus enhancing cell survival during bioprinting. No crosslinking steps are required

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