Filament-Oss (FOss) are filaments based on PLA with osteoinductive particles (magnesium -Mg- or hydroxyapatite -HA- at concentrations ranging from 5 to 20%). A format with high HA content (50%) is available permitting the sintering of the scaffolds resulting from the printing process, which results in the obtention of 100% HA scaffolds. The FOss line enables the easy manufacturing of bone-inducing scaffolds with custom shapes. All filaments are bioactive and biodegradable, being suitable for tissue engineering applications. Other lines of custom PLA filaments are also available:

Filament-Eco line, with dispersed catalytic particles such as titanium dioxide (TiO2 ), zinc oxide (ZnO), and carbon-derived forms (graphite and graphene),  Filament-Cer line, with aluminum oxide (Al2O3 ) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2 ), highly dispersed ceramic particles

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