Bmap Knee

Bmap Artery


PLA – Regemat 3D

PCL – Regemat 3D

Customized PLA / PCL – Regemat 3D

Synthetic peptide hydrogel bioink

Fibronectin-functionalised synthetic peptide hydrogel bioink

Collagen functionalised synthetic peptide hydrogel bioink

Sodium alginate

Nanocellulose corbiocel

Low Melting Point Agarose‎

GelMA (Gelatinmethacryloyl)

Agarosa standard



Transparent polyethylene and polypropylene syringe

Red Polyethylene Adjustment Piston

Stainless steel metal needles

Polypropylene / plastic pipettes


Adapter for printing on Petri dish

Adaptor for printing on multiwell plates

Glass plate

UV light curing system

Infrared light curing system

Bi-component syringe

Refrigerated Syringe

Heated syringe

Pellets extruder system and filament winder

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