The configuration of the printing head and the wide range of movements in X, Y and Z allow a precise adjustment of the system and to print on different surfaces such as the glass bed, Petri dish or thanks to its independent movement in the Z axis you can print with two syringes on multi-well plate 6, 24, 96 …

The head calibration is fully automated using an accurate laser positioning system.

The equipment includes syringe series and heated bed which will allow us to control temperature ranges from 0 to 120ºC in the bed and from 0 to 50º in the syringe. In the case of the syringe it would even be possible to extend this range to 250ºC in case of working with metal or glass syringes that allow working at high temperature.

The system is equipped with a double thermoplastic extruder that allows the printing of scaffolds using two different thermoplastics during the same printing process.

Additionally, the system has a compartment enabled for the installation of thermoplastic rolls and a LED lighting system that visually informs about the state of the bioprinting process.

The design of the base of the system with longitudinal openings favors the laminar flow for sterilization, in addition this ergonomic design and reduced weight facilitate the transport of the system to work inside flow cabinets since the E4Life system has been designed with measures that allow to introduce it in any cabin.

Especificaciones técnicas

  • Resolución
  • Aplicaciones de la bioimpresión
  • Control de temperatura
  • Resolución real en los ejes X e Y (movimiento por husillo) = 150 μ m (0.15 mm) | Resolución en Z = 400 nm (0,4 micras)
  • Resolución teórica en los ejes X e Y: = 1,875micras – 1875 nm
  • Extrusor de termoplástico: Diámetro de salida del nozzle 0,4 mm.
  • Jeringas: Diversos diámetros de salida: 0,15 mm, 0,58 mm, 1,20 mm
  • Regeneración de tejidos:
    • Piel - Hueso
    • Cartílago - Tejido cardiaco
    • Córnea - Modelos tumorales
  • Testado de fármacos
  • Desarrollo de biomateriales
  • Personalización de tratamientos: Lab on a chip kit / Organ on a chip
  • Control de temperatura:
    • Extrusor de termoplásticos:
      • Filamento (Hasta 250ºC)
      • Pellet
    • Extrusión de biomateriales (por jeringas):
      • - 20 hasta 100 grados
    • Fotocurado de biomateriales:
      • Luz Ultravioleta
      • Luz Infrarroja
      • Luz azul
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