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Regemat 3D makes available to research and science a technology tailormade designed what born to integrate the advantages of the additive manufacturing with tissue engineering and applied to the regenerative medicine.

The personalized configuration of each bioprinter taking into account the specific application and the support of our engineer team, make possible daily, the achieving of reliable results, which facilitate the path of each research.

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We act as a link between all our collaborators so that, jointly, we can move forward in a faster way toward the success in the research results.


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Regemat 3D aims to achieve clinical results through the application of 3D bioprinting that aims to:

  • Improve people’s quality of life,
  • Cure diseases, reduce pain
  • Reduce animal testing for drugs and cosmetics
  • Save lives through personalization of treatments

Regemat 3D, founded in 2015, has the mission to design and develop innovative solutions in the area of bioprinting and regenerative medicine through the clinical application of this technology. A cutting-edge technology, which provides specific solutions for researchers, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of patients .


Leading the field of regenerative medicine through the
continuous innovation of technologies which allows the application
continuous custom-made solutions.

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    Limitless customization for translational applications

    Our team took the challenge of integrating a bioprinting system within a hospital setting, and we were fortunate to find Regemat 3D as the only company being able to adapt their system to all our diverse necessities. Their bioprinters allowed us to expand our collaborative nature, working with various research groups in the areas of skin bioprinting, bone regeneration, and 3D cancer models for drug screening. Thanks to the ability to personalize our equipment, not only we achieved optimized results for our experimental workflow, but we also discovered new scientific fields. Our research members were guided by comprehensive technical engineering assistance, during the help process, benefiting from the vast accumulated experience of bioprinting community.

    Daniel Cermeno

    Lab Manager. The platform for Tissue Engineering and 3D Printing. Hospital La Paz, Madrid.

    Efficient and versatile

    Regemat 3D has developed an efficient and versatile 3D bioprinter. We are using several of its systems in collaboration with the project developed by Cloud Science and the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Bioengineering and Professor Diego Mantovani of the University of Laval, (Quebec City, Canada). We value all the time that the Regemat team has spent with us, understanding our needs and challenges that we face in our research group. Support is constant and close.

    Sebastian Meghezi y Diego Mantovani

    Researcher at the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada Professor and Research Chair of Canada

    Closeness and professionalism

    We decided to go for Regemat 3D for two main reasons: the closeness and professionalism of its technical team and the personalization of the bioprinter to our technical requirements. In our research group we work in various tissue engineering applications, therefore, we needed a modular system that was adapted to our needs each time.

    We are printing different drugs with synthetic and natural polymers for various applications such as cancer therapy, and tissue engineering. Thank you for all your supports.

    Saeid Vakilian

    Biomedical engineer University of Nizwa, Omán

    Big results

    We were one of the first research groups to acquire a personalized REGEMAT 3D bioprinter and we are very happy to continue working today with such a professional team. They constantly support us solving any technical question. The system is very versatile and has allowed us to achieve great results in publishing our latest paper on bioink development.

    Soraya Salinas

    PhD student at G.I.R BIOFORGE

    Investors Why to invest in REGEMAT 3D?

    Regemat 3D is a leading company and Pioneer in the bioprinting for the healthcare sector, run by a multidisciplinar team in advanced therapies, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, regulatory and medical devices commercialization.

    We are the only company what design and manufacture medical devices for clinical applications and also develop bioprinting systems. Currently, we are specialized in the implementation of biofabrication strategies thanks to the experience and complementarity of our corporate group: BRECA Health Care we design and produce personalized medical devices (Prosthesis, cutting guides and biomodels) with more than 10 years of experience and more than 100 clinical cases which back us into the application of 3D printing technologies, 3D bioprinting and tailor-made bioreactors (REGEMAT 3D)

    We transform your research results into functional solutions which add value to the development of great strides in the fields of the biofabrication and regenerative medicine.

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