Stable-INX R100

270 €

STABLE-INX® is a synthetic shear thinning, bio interactive scaffold ink. It allows for easy printing due to its shear thinning behavior.
It is cell interactive and non biodegradable Therefore, it can provide long lasting support to the cells After photo crosslinking, a very robust hydrogel is obtained.

The key properties include:

  • Biocompatibility: biocompatible and cell interactive.
  • Reproducibility: production under strict quality control.
  • Biostable: suitable for long term applications.
  • Processability: The shear thinning behaviour allow easy printing at a broad temperature range.
  • Easy handling: delivered in a ready to use cartridge.
  • UV crosslinkable.
  • Mechanical integrity: very robust hydrogel suitable for stiff tissue engineering applications.


  • STABLE-INX® is provided as a clear hydrogel in a prefilled 3 ml cartridge and can be printed at room temperature.

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